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Victoria Ahlfors

Scarlet Road

Born out of the desire to see a way out for women and children in the sex industry, Scarlet Road set out to change social perspectives, help the community understand and serve victims of sexual exploitation, and provide long term support for a population of women and children that was receiving none. Our three founders first came together in 2008, hoping to create more awareness through hosting a Freedom 5K run. This quickly evolved into a true passion for serving the victims that were within their own reach and since the start of the outreach programs in 2009 they have been journeying with women leaving the commercial sex industry, and supporting them in the hard transitions they face.The journey that Scarlet Road has been on has been one of passion, hard work and a sincere dedication to exploited women in our community. We have journeyed with many partners in our community and continue to do so in order to create increased knowledge of this issue throughout the Kitsap and North Mason area. Victoria is a survivor and has grown into an advocate who is unwilling to let trauma care remain as it is within current systems and care provisions and seek to gain the tools, experience and influence necessary to make great impact on behalf of the faceless and voiceless within our midst.