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Dr. Elizabeth Woods

Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital
Medical Professional
Elizabeth Woods, MD is the Medical Director for The Child Abuse Intervention Department/Children's Advocacy Center of Pierce County at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital in Pierce County. Under her supervision the clinic services the South Sound for evaluation of physical and sexual assaults and collaborates with law enforcement, legal entities and the Department of Child, Youth & Families to advocate for child victims. She serves on the local Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Multidisciplinary team and provides medical services to victims of sex trafficking in the Puget Sound area. She provides education to medical teams within local hospitals/clinics & schools regarding the identification and support of victims of trafficking. In the last year she has developed and implemented a screening protocol and questionnaire to improve rapid recognition, response & medical guidance to these patients and encourage a sensitive response as healthcare workers engage with these children and teens. Dr. Woods is also passionate about the fighting the exposure of children and teens to unsupervised media and the significant risk this puts our children at for potential exposure to a perpetrator or victimization through the mechanism of technology.